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Last night I dreamt that I was a blonde woman who was trying to get together with some sort of vaguely Norse demigod type person - and to help things along, I hired a "forensic accountant" who dressed entirely in black with his face in shadows and who only spoke in whispered short sentences. I was advise that the demigod needed to take the wooden sword from the display case - something which said demigod had wanted to do all along, but needed an excuse - while another demigod stood by and mused about how they were never able to grow that kind of wood on Earth for some reason.
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I was training to be a psychiatrist for vampires and other supernatural creatures, and I had this handy wristband I could toggle so I could appear either vampirelike or human. When I was a normal human, all the vampires looked pale, deformed, and/or crazed, circling around me madly and cackling and screaming gibberish; when I toggled myself to vampire appearance, though, they became perfectly ordinary looking, dressed in normal clothing and not their usual rags or outlandish costumes, speaking in a normal tone of voice and in a relaxed, friendly manner about perfectly reasonable topics. On the other hand, humans who saw me as a vampire began to panic, run around, and shriek, causing an undue fuss. Since I didn't know the neighborhood well enough to know which grocery stores were for humans and which were for vampires, I had to be very cautious and hide until I could be sure who was what.


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