May. 22nd, 2017

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Ran into my pal/landlord in the hall, and told him that my sister was going to be visiting next week, and that I was likely to move out sometime July-ish. He was slightly surprised, but seemed OK with it, and was extremely sympathetic to the reasons I gave for going. We spent a while longer chatting and lamenting the state of what San Francisco has become, and he mentioned that because he actually owns the place he's somewhat locked-in to living here now - although he did mention moving elsewhere and renting the place out as a possibility.

He's one of the few friends I have left in SF. Pretty much everyone else has moved out, have faded into being acquaintances, or are people I've never been especially close to. The same goes for the Bay Area in general, I suppose; I have precious few roots remaining, and between my inabilities to leave the apartment (or get out of bed on a regular basis, har har), to engage with people without careful spoon-planning, or going somewhere that takes more than half an hour of transit... well, that's not making my interpersonal connections any healthier.

I feel like I should add more, but it seems like all I have to say is just the same old recapitulation.


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